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Founded in 2004, AYASOFT is a US & UK based company provider of custom software development for big companies and government and IT consulting services with 450+ IT professionals located internationally.

For over 12 years we’ve been bringing custom and platform-based solutions to midsized and large companies in Invoicing, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Financial Services and other industries. The likes of AYA INVOICE, AYA CORE BANK PLATFORM, AYA ONLINE BANK PLATFORM, MULTI REST SYSTEM, AYA TELECOM BILLING GSMand others rely on our solutions in their daily operations.

With the background rooted in AYASOFT, we build on our legacy knowledge and grow it dynamically in the areas of Collaboration, CRM, Data Analysis, VoIP and Information Security. As part of this journey, we partnered with Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Episerver and more tech leaders so that our clients can benefit from these high-level networks too. Currently, we are recognized with 2 Gold Microsoft Competencies in Application Development, and Collaboration and Content.

The core of our client operations is at our Middle East headquarters in Kuwait, UAE, and EU office in Ukraine, United Kingdom. At the same time, the major development center in Eastern Europe and the most recent one in South-Eastern Asia are our hubs of technological expertise in Process Automation, Mobility, Portals, Cloud and other disciplines. From here, our teams nurture and apply their competencies worldwide: while Northern America remains our principle market, our customers come from over 30 countries.   


“12 years in Information Technology,
450+ IT professionals,
124 active customers from 33 countries,
75% of the revenue comes from 1+ year-long customers.”